Making !T Work

Data → Information → Knowledge → Wisdom

Whether you are trying to fix your car, stop a network attack or just find that bug in a piece of code, the principals of active observation, respectful orientation, pragmatic decision making and the courage to act of the OODA loop should be considered.

In the midst of a technical system failure it becomes so easy to lose track of the users, your role and the role of the people you are speaking to. From the people, processes and tools approach I adhere to this paper is clearly dealing with people issues. These issues are a direct reflection of how they interact with the tools and the processes. I am a true believer in everyone is accountable for their actions and interactions with others.

All too often, businesses and organizations look to technology to solve problems. However, sometimes technology is the problem. The organization must be able to articulate what the organizational problem is before a solution can be explored. Remember I am a technology person and I am saying be cautious of technology. Pay heed, truly.

Making !T Work   

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