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The word architecture is widely used and grossly misused. In the end it about creating models that can actually be used. Please read our paper for full discussion of how JAAT approaches Enterprise Architecture.


There are four major areas of architecture and JAAT Solutions is well experienced in all four domains.


This is the core domain and it answers the biggest question and that is the “why”. The next area of concern for this domain is what, who, where, when and which information is relevant. The JAAT approach to this model is very respectful of the people and the underlining processes they must use. The business domain is about making the logical connection between business information and the processes that drives it and relies on it. A good business architecture model will drive all the other models and be used as the referential checkpoint for all the other domains. Time spent here is well invested for all future work.


Some groups will call this domain the infrastructure domain. JAAT is part of that group. This domain manages and controls the hardware and software of the organization. Along with this it will adopt secure methods for all other elements of the solutions.

The biggest and most valuable artefact from the technical architecture is the blueprint for the functional and non-functional requirements. JAAT pays special heed to the non-functional requirements, for these are the ones that tend to get overlooked and causes the greatest strain during implementation.


This is likely the oldest of the disciplines and is the genesis of many other methodologies. It is computer science 101 and is the most abused of the disciplines. The advent of spreadsheets and personal databases has muddied this craft. The JAAT team with its real world experience can bring discipline and effective rigor to this domain. The end result of the data domain should be one that is sensitive to the downstream reporting requirements along with the transactional needs of the solution.


Solution Architecture is the glue that binds the data models to the technical models to deliver the business model. Some groups will call this domain the application domain. Solution architecture starts to make patterns from the business model, to feed the data model, and will be supported by the technical model. The focus here for JAAT is on component modeling and the carving down of major functions into smaller more reusable elements and modules. Strong adherence to security, interface design (internal and external), data connectors, messaging, auditing, logging and version control are paramount.


Our engagements are effective and our professional artifacts become critical reference materials for all your internal and external teams.

Making !T Work   

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