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This was a paper I wrote in 2001 to describe the benefits and the reality of Fibre to the home. The paper was a supporting document to the business case that showed it was a profitable and doable venture. It was a great project and a lot of work was done on it by the private and the public sector. In the end, it was killed due to lack of vision by the public sector. It was a road not taken and that community today would have been changed for the positive. Recently, I was doing some work and I was asked about the possibility of Fibre to the home. It is as relevant and doable today as it was in 2001. It takes leadership to create change. You only management to maintain the change.

The IT Stack as I have so affectingly named it has been drawn on so many napkins and scraps of paper that at times I find it difficult to take myself seriously. Then I look with amazement on the eyes of the recipient to realize it is as relevant today as it was in the early nineties when I was first exposed to it.

Today, the word architecture in the Information Technology arena is not always used in its correct context. As one of the silver backs I can remember when we used the word engineer as a freely as we use architect today. We had customer engineers, solution engineers, hardware engineers etc…. Some uses were correct and others were very loose interpretations of the term. Today we have information architects, solutions architects, network architects, voice architects and the likes of usability architects. Again, some correct, others, well, just good old marketing.

Making !T Work   

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