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Tim Lalonde - Resume

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Professional Profile

  • Executive change agent for organizational transformation
  • Technology Delivery
  • Public / Private Consulting
  • Strategic Leader
  • Business Process Reengineering
  • Ex Infantry Officer

Career History

November 2018 - Present         Mid-Range Computers (Markham, Ontario)             
Mid-Range specializes in co-location, hosting, outsourcing, and disaster recovery offerings. We own and operate multiple raised floor disaster recovery and hosting facilities.

Vice President of Technical Operations   

  • Change Agent.   Responsible for all business development and process improvements.  The transformation of Mid-Range to remove the silos, increase the value to their customers along with delivering new business offerings.   All processes, people and technology were reviewed with an eye to not just improvement but to transformation.   The stakeholder landscape is changing and Mid-Range is structuring to meet that demand.
  • Focal point for all operations.  HR, Budgets, strategic direction and quality control.   Direct line of responsibility for all aspects of operations.   Lead, mentor and coach directors, managers, supervisors, team leads and line staff to improve outcomes in a safe and healthy work environment using open, transparent communications.   Improve all aspects of operations by taking seconds off the lap, building effective processes and focusing on the why of operations by empowering staff to be leaders.
  • Architect of theHive.   A fully integrated business visualization product/platform to provide context over content for internal and external stakeholders.
  • Specific duties: Strategic Planning, Tactical deployments of initiatives and operational oversight of delivered initiatives.   Creation of a fully functioning Project Management Office to manage both the customer projects but to cover all internal projects.   Reorganization of business units, operating units and customer services units into a more streamlined and effective organizational structure.   Product Delivery of theHive to be the anchor initiative to support the growth of Mid-Range. 

November 2010 – Present, JAAT Solutions (North York, Ontario)

Business and organizational solutions provider;

Products Developed

!tSuite – A fully functional .NET cross platform toolset for the extraction, transformation and loading of information from disparate systems. Primarily used for system integration and for supplying cleansed information to data warehousing/reporting systems.

!tGateway – A standalone agnostic .NET Web services gateway that allows for the free movement of information requests between systems. Primarily used to link external (foreign) system to internal systems seamlessly.

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Multiple Engagements

Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) – Public Safety

July 2017 – Present

Currently managing multiple projects for the Technology Management Systems Integration Branch.

  • Senior Project Manager – Ambulance Service Review Modernization – Technology roadmap for the modernization of the branch
  • Senior Project Manager – Workforce Management Scheduling Solution – Define, procure and implement a modern scheduling system for the Central Ambulance Communications Centers across the province
  • Senior Project Manager – Computer Aided Dispatch Paging system – Provincial rollout of the paramedic paging notification functions and features
  • Senior Project Manger – All things CACC. This project will provide for electronic technical information management of all the technologies in all the 22 Central Ambulance Communications Centers from the architecture models, the radio layers, telephony, infrastructure and software components throughout the whole province. The goal is to have one central data management layer with a visual user layer that can be used by the many stakeholders.

IntelCom Express – Montreal, Quebec May 2017-June 2017

IntelCom Express is Quebec’s largest sameday courier service. They have been in business for over 30 years and are experiencing a rapid growth in business through their ecommerce line of business.

  • Management Consultant – Create a technology roadmap to transition from local courier business to the number 2 preferred Amazon Prime courier. Manage a technology implementation while managing exponential growth.

Carmen Transportation – Woodbridge Ontario – June 2016 – June 2017

Carmen Transportation is a Canadian transportation company that has a serving territory of Canada and the United States.

  • Management Consultant – Create a technology roadmap to allow for the company to double in revenue while maintaining a cost growth of 50% thereby increasing margins by increasing efficiencies
  • Technology Consultant – Design, build, implement data warehouse technologies for critical business systems
  • Systems Integrator – Design, build, implement inter system connectivity between mobile platforms and back office systems - Integrate back office financials, with vehicle maintenance and Dispatch systems
  • Data Analyst – Make sense of the noise between systems to create business insight not previously understood

TGI – Burlington Ontario -- November 2010 – June 2016

TGI is the number 3 provider of Intelligent Commercial Trailer Tracking in North America with 50,000 GPS tracking devices from Southern Mexico to Northern Canada.

  • Chief Technology Officer – Design a world class trailer tracking system from the ground up from scratch.
  • System Integrator – Created a web platform that would allow our teams to write a function once and use in many modalities. Integrated into all major transportation systems. Interconnected all internal systems to increase efficiencies while maintaining a low cost per customer profile.
  • Technology Architect – Created the Internet framework (PERL/MASON) that would be the driving force for user interaction to the tracking platform. User experience was highly customizable and the platform supported white labeling for increased business opportunity
  • Mobile data computing – Enhanced the hardware platform for untethered and tethered solutions for both vehicles, sensors and trailers. Solution was completely agnostic to hardware and messaging protocols. Considered one of the pioneers of Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Business development – Worked with all aspects of the organization to increase customer base and retention
  • Data Analyst – aggregated the high velocity, large variety and high volume of messaging data into workable, effective dashboards for customers, stakeholders and executive teams

Entertainment One – Mississauga Ontario - December 2014- September 2015

North America’s largest distributor of Audio and Video entertainment. They are also an international Film production company.

  • Solution Architect - Designed, lead and managed the project to completely rewrite the North American Walmart Replenishment System for their stores on a daily basis. Project when completed replenished all Walmart stores for video and audio.
  • Systems Integrator – Connect the new replenishment system (SQL Server) to the backend Oracle database, along with consuming daily Point of Sale (POS) information. Consume the data, integrate the data points, create the supply, feed the back office Elite system (oracle) for daily inventory replenishment and restocking orders
  • Project Manager – Stakeholder management of the operations teams, inventory teams, purchasing teams, Entertainment executive teams along with client liaison with Walmart senior managers. Perform executive briefings
  • Data Analyst – Extract Transform and Load the replenishment data into the Cognos Data Warehouse systems. Generate Cognos views of the transformed and aggregated information. Create executive dashboard

IsoTrak – Ireland – March 2016 – May 2016

Walmart’s major supplier of Carrier Geometrics. Real time route monitoring

  • Systems Integrator – Create a platform for Walmart suppliers that would interface Transportation Management Systems (TMS) into the ISOTrak routing system.

International Telematics – New Zealand – November 2015- February 2016

International Telematics (iBright) is one of the world’s largest telematics company. They specialize is real time vehicle geometry, vehicle performance and temperature control systems. Their foothold in Europe, the Asia’s and New Zealand is comprehensive and they were looking to enter the North American market.

  • Project Manager – TMW Suite Integration Project. Managed the project to get the iBright platform certified by TMW Systems. All aspects of stakeholder management, time, budget, scope, executive briefings, risk mitigation, training plans and issues management
  • Technical Architect – TMW Suite Integration Project. Designed the architecture and reviewed the build components to ensure adherence to system and business requirements
  • Technical Writer – TMW Suite Integration Project. All technical writing and business analysis work for the TMW Suite Integration project. Both Internal and external documentation was required.

Chiefs of Ontario – Toronto Ontario -- September 2011 – February 2012

The Chiefs of Ontario is an advocacy forum and secretariat for collective decision-making, action, and advocacy for the 133 First Nations communities located in Ontario. Guided by the Chiefs in Assembly, they uphold self-determination efforts of the Anishinaabek, Mushkegowuk, Onkwehon:we, and Lenape Peoples in protecting and exercising their inherent and Treaty rights.

  • Solutions Architect – Designed, built and implemented a web based Non – Insured Health Benefits System.
  • Project Manager – Non-Insured Health Database project. Managed the overall project for the new database system across the whole province for all first Nations.


January 2004 – November 2010 Manitoulin Transportation (Gore Bay, Ontario)
Director, Information Technology

  • Architected, designed, and implemented a fully visual world class real-time dispatch framework. User experience consists of a 20 foot by 6 foot display which represented North America with thousands of routes and tracked 4000+ vehicles in real time across several network topologies. System utilized data from AS400 (DB2), WebSphere, Microsoft SQL, MySQL and Oracle with a rich java front and back end.
  • Architected, designed and implemented a paperless customs brokerage line of business. Changed business processes from a fully papered environment to 99% paperless digital environment. Unheard of in the customs brokerage industry. Annual savings were in excess of 1 Million dollars.
  • Responsible for 21 full time staff and all elements of Information Technology Budget for a 500 Million dollar Canadian Transportation Industry leader

Sept 2001 – January 2004

Manager, Business Technology Solutions (ITX1) (the former) Ministry of Public Safety and Security (North Bay with frequent travel to Toronto, Ontario)

  • Architected, designed and implemented the modern electronic courtroom. This fully functional and operational system allowed for counsel, defendants, witnesses and the judiciary to engage in a proceeding with any or all participants being remote. This system won an Ontario showcase award.
  • Founder, Architected and the technology lead for “Justice Knowledge Network”. This system used the IBM eLearning platform to create, deliver, and monitor police training across the country for all police services in the country.
  • Portfolio Management – was responsible for all eJustice initiatives for the justice cluster which included Solicitor General, Corrections and the Attorney General

Electronic Service Delivery Manager

  • Responsible for the Electronic Service Delivery component of e-Government within the Justice cluster; worked with the business units of the Attorney General and the former Ministry of Public Safety and Security within the Ontario Government.
  • Specific duties included strategic positioning, consensus-building, portfolio management, business architecture, high-level technical architecture, facilitation, requirement gathering, business proposal team creation and development, reporting to senior managers, contract negotiations with third party suppliers, costing, customer relationship management, awareness building and input to strategic planning.

Feb 2000 - Sept 2001
Manager, Network Services, Greater Sudbury Telecommunications (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

June 1998 - Feb 2000
Manager, Networked Systems, Manitoulin Transport (Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada)

Dec 1990 - June 1998
, Ontario Northland Systems, Ontario Northland Systems (North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

April 1988 - Dec 1990
Business Consultant, RJ Thompson Data Systems, (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

May 1986 - April 1988
Programmer / Analyst, Canada Packers, (Ontario, Canada)


Cambrian College

Information Technology


Canadian Armed Forces

Infantry Officer Phase I,II,III



Many technical courses


IBM Executive Leadership (New York)

Leading Change


Technical papers contributed

OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Cognitive decision making

Understanding Portals

Opportunity management

Aide memoire for First Nations Band administration

First Nations roadmap for eCommerce Portals

Journey to wellness (First Nations roadmap for eHealth)

Skills Overview


Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Process reengineering

Project Management

Problem Solving

Change Management

Budget Management

Stakeholder Management


Business Intelligence

KPI creation and monitoring

Content Management



Training development


Team building




Networking Architecture

Mobile computing systems

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Systems Architecture

Systems Integration

Database modeling

Frameworks (Java,.net, Perl)

ETL tools

RESTful architecture


Data center Architecture

Cloud computing

Storage Architecture


Internet of Things IoT



Amazon WebServices (AWS)

Amazon SQS

Mobile computing



Major Systems

Microsoft Dynamics



TMW Systems (ALL)





SQL Server








Visual Basic




Visual Studio





Spring / Hibernate



References and detailed skills are available upon request

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