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Tim Lalonde - Resume

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Executive Summary

An IT professional who has demonstrated experience in delivering organizational goals using a shared vision, with a strong grasp of human competencies, and supported by progressive achievements that will return measurable value to any organization.

 Experience developing strategic plans from inception to operational roadmaps ensuring all elements of implementation, support, development, design, training and business processes meet with success and long term sustainability. Maintains a high standard of accountability, budget compliance, fiscal responsibility, risk awareness, customer service, project management, leadership and collaboration through actions and follow up. Projects are delivered on time, on scope and on budget using proven methods and techniques. Motivation is managed by strong technical acumen with a keen eye to the organizational drivers that require transformational change.

Skills Overview


Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Process reengineering

Project Management

Problem Solving

Change Management

Budget Management

Stakeholder Management


Business Intelligence

KPI creation and monitoring




Training development


Team building




Networking Architecture

Telemetry systems

Software development

Systems Architecture

Systems Integration

Database modeling


Data center Architecture

Cloud computing

Storage Architecture


Internet of Things IoT



Career History

November 2010 – Present , JAAT Solutions (North York, Ontario )

Business and organizational solutions provider;   the core business model is organizational problem solving. Two critical areas of expertise are getting projects back on track and providing the roadmap to actualize transformational projects. The focal point is always solving the organizational problem by addressing the people, the processes and the technology. Significant interaction with the organizational decision makers to achieve a working model for success. Able to assemble specialized teams to ensure the success of projects.

Products Developed

!tsuite – A fully functional cross platform toolset for the extraction, transformation and loading of information from disparate systems. Primarily used for system integration and for supplying cleansed information to data warehousing/reporting systems.


IntelCom Express – Montreal, Quebec May 2017-June 2017
IntelCom Express is Quebec’s largest someday courier service. They have been in business for over 30 years and are experiencing a rapid growth in business through their ecommerce line of business.
Business Consultant –Review their business process and to provide a roadmap for their expansions into Ontario, the West and the Maritimes.   This overview looked at all aspects of the organization from internal stakeholders, investors and suppliers.   The end product was a short term action plan with a mid term roadmap to handle their explosive growth. Roadmap was signed off by the investors for its innovative, respectful, and actionable approach.


Carmen Transportation – Woodbridge Ontario – June 2016 - Present
Carmen Transportation is a Canadian transportation company that has a serving territory of Canada and the United States.
Project Manager –
Creation a technology roadmap for their business was in a period of rapid growth after 20 years of organic growth.   After the successful completion of the Business Roadmap an implementation project was initiated which included creation of a project management office, Project Staffing, Training platform deployment, system integration, business mapping, process improvement, training materials, data warehousing, Automated Dispatch, creation of training material.   Executive KPI methodology and deployment was used for all systems along with the onboard real time vehicle telematics integration for data mining and driver utilization management.   Hours of Service real time data integration into data warehouse for driver scorecard and vehicle telemetry expert reporting.

TGI – Burlington Ontario -- November 2010 – June 2016
TGI is the number 3 provider of Intelligent Commercial Trailer Tracking in North America with 50,000 GPS tracking devices from Southern Mexico to Northern Canada.

Chief Technology Officer Provided complete oversight of this start up business from initial design to post production.   Design was inclusive of any dispatch system to feed the system as well as all tracking systems to feed their Computer Aided Dispatch systems.   Fully agnostic to source and destination.   All aspects of the business were involved.   Started from a net zero financial positon to a 20 Million dollar business across North America.   Was responsible for the entire technical overlay.   At its peak a team of 20 contractors were involved.   Project was delivered on Time, on Budget and beyond Scope and well within budget.   Specific duties; Business development, business modelling, business case development, investor relations, strategic business planning, business analysis, budgeting, marketing, leadership, process engineering, enterprise architecture, support modelling, vendor management, sales management, operations management, customer management, project management, contract management, prototyping, design, database architecture, solution architecture, design, process modeling, data center, networking, implementation, research and development, sensor design, sensor architecture, Internet of Things for the transportation industry, mobile application design, mobile application architecture, System architecture, Automated Dispatch.

Entertainment One – Mississauga Ontario - December 2014- September 2015
North America’s largest distributor of Audio and Video entertainment.   They also an international Film production company.
Project Manager/Integrator - Walmart Replenishment project.   Designed, lead and managed the project to completely rewrite the Walmart Replenishment System for their stores on a daily basis.   The project consisted of reading 1 million plus Point of Sale records per day.   This information would then be used to decide which stores had to have what titles replenished.   Before the project was engaged the replenishment cycle took too long and had to be optimized to run only 3 times a week.   After the revised designed was agreed upon, I lead the team that would convert this process to update all 4500 stores across North America with a SKU count of over 250,000 titles to less than 4 hours per day.   This increase in efficiency allowed Entertainment One to replenish daily and go from one of the poorest replenishment performers to the number one performer in less than 8 months. The end product would schedule routes, optimize titles and provide executive reporting of the POS analytics for improved replenishment analytics.   The Raw data was then harmonized to be sent to their data warehouse.

ThermoKing – Calgary/ Vancouver -- May 2016 – June 2016
Project Manager/Integrator – ThermoKing is the world largest refrigeration manufacturer. Their Trailer division had created a solution for real time temperature monitoring and management to support the government’s requirement for end to end monitoring of the food supply chain.   In doing so they required a solution to interface into all the major dispatch management systems.   As the project lead, I was able to provide an integration solution that was agnostic to dispatch systems for the consumption of real time temperature and telemetry information. To complete this task I had to work with competitive business interests along with many different types of transportation carriers.   The end solution was secured, flexible and well received by all parties.   This work was done remotely

IsoTrak – Ireland – March 2016 – May 2016
Walmart major supplier of Carrier Geometrics. Real time route monitoring
Project Manager/Integrator – Walmart was demanding their carriers provide real time updates of their shipments.   Many smaller carriers where unable to comply with this rigid set of constraints even though they had mature real time dispatch systems and vehicle telemetry. I designed, managed, lead and ultimately built the solution that would be used by several carriers to comply with Walmart. This work was done remotely dealing with supply chain executives at Walmart, stakeholders in Ireland and Canadian carriers.

International Telematics – New Zealand – November 2015- February 2016
International Telematics (iBright) is one of the world’s largest telematics company.   They specialize is real time vehicle geometry, vehicle performance and temperature control systems.   Their foothold in Europe, the Asia’s and New Zealand is comprehensive and they were looking to enter the North American market.
Project Manager – TMW Suite Integration project.   As they ventured into North America they realized the culture and operating systems of the transportation industry was significantly different. I lead an international team of experts and stakeholders to create bidirectional communications from their devices and North America’s largest dispatch/transportation systems.   Complete integration into dispatch systems to monitor drivers and for drivers to have improved communications to dispatch.   The designed system had to process vast amount of real time data while at the same time provide for a fully realized driver user experience that was cognisant of government regulations along with the demanding needs of the transportation industry.   Engagement included project management, UAT, Training, roll out, stakeholder management, suppler management.   Work was performed remotely.

Chiefs of Ontario – Toronto Ontario -- September 2011 – February 2012
The Chiefs of Ontario is an advocacy forum and secretariat for collective decision-making, action, and advocacy for the 133 First Nations communities located in Ontario. Guided by the Chiefs in Assembly, they uphold self-determination efforts of the Anishinaabek, Mushkegowuk, Onkwehon:we, and Lenape Peoples in protecting and exercising their inherent and Treaty rights.
Project Manager – Non-Insured Health Database project. As the project manager I was responsible for gathering business requirements from the First Nations Health centers for the management of the Non-Insured Health Benefits.   The original system was inflexible and was prone to errors.   Upon review of the requirements and with discussion with the key Health and Community Stakeholders a new system was proposed.   I was then brought in to design and oversee the implementation of the new system.   The training plan, UAT plan along with system roll out was part of the engagement.   The system was implemented quickly, effectively, respectfully and well within budget while delivering a broader scope then anticipated by the stakeholders.

January 2004 – November 2010                            Manitoulin Transportation (Gore Bay, Ontario)       
Director, Information Technology                                                                                                

  • Architected, designed, and implemented a fully visual world class real-time dispatch framework. User experience consists of a 20 foot by 6 foot display which represented North America with thousands of routes and tracked 4000+ vehicles in real time across several network topologies. System utilized data from AS400 (DB2), Microsoft SQL, MySQL and oracle with a rich java front and back end.
  • Architected, designed and implemented a paperless customs brokerage line of business. Changed business processes from a fully papered environment to 99% paperless digital environment. Unheard of in the customs brokerage industry. Annual savings were in excess of 1 Million dollars.
  • Responsible for the entire Information Technology Team; This position reported directly to the Chief Financial Officer. Responsible for all facets of IT within the Manitoulin group of companies. These areas included all business systems, strategic planning, on-board telematics systems, handhelds, mobile systems, phone systems, EDI (Traditional, non-traditional), transportation system, rating, accounting, Network, Security, AS/400, Lotus Notes, Microsoft, Internet, architecture, infrastructure, data center, development, maintenance and support. Instituted a mature support model for service desk, release to production and change management.   Managerial responsibilities included corporate planning, budgeting, team building, mentoring and staff development, human resources functions (17 full-time staff), administration, budgeting (in excess of $1 million in salaries, $6 million in operating and $35 million in assets) and working with the Senior Management team. Brought mature change management, release to production, project management and rapid application development to the organization. Changed the IT group from order taker to trusted advisor using transformational solutions. Built and delivered a 5 year technology plan that transformed the organization as it relates to technology.
  • Specific duties included accountability of all IT projects, business development, enhancements, direction, project management, planning, budgeting, business architecture, network architecture, data architecture, technical architecture, solution architecture, and issues. Strategic alignment with the Manitoulin group of companies, business case development, business process reengineering, opportunity management, cost containment, vendor management, team mentoring, project facilitation, senior management education of IT and its role in the organization, presentations to line management, vendor negotiations, customer relations, and contract management, RFiD integration Mobile and Handheld Design and Architecture.

Sept 2001 – January 2004                              

Manager, Business Technology Solutions (the former) Ministry of Public Safety and Security (North Bay with frequent travel to Toronto, Ontario)                                     

  • Architected, designed and implemented the modern electronic courtroom. This fully functional and operational system allowed for counsel, defendants, witnesses and the judiciary to engage in a proceeding with any or all participants being remote. This system won an Ontario showcase award.
  • Founder, Architected and the technology lead for “Justice Knowledge Network”. This system used the IBM eLearning platform to create, deliver, and monitor police training across the country for all police services in the country.
  • Responsible for the Business Technology Solutions Group; This diverse group of individuals was comprised of portfolio managers, project managers, web developers, web masters, business consultants, technical staff, audio specialists, video specialists, trainers, administration support, and technical staff. Projects ranged in scope from simple web sites to modern electronic court rooms. The focus of these projects was for specific lines of business initiatives, and the support of the executive branches within the Justice Cluster. Managerial responsibilities included team building, staff development, human resources functions (27 full-time 20+ consultants), administration, budgeting (30+ Million) and working with the executive team both with the Justice IT Cluster and the Ministries.
  • Specific duties included accountability for unit projects, strategic alignment with cluster initiatives, and participation in transition activities, architecture, business case development, opportunity management, client relationship management, vendor management, mentoring, project oversight, business liaison, and participation in steering committees, presentations to executives, vendor negotiations, contract management, and controllership adherence.

Electronic Service Delivery Manager                                                                                           

  • Responsible for the Electronic Service Delivery component of e-Government within the Justice cluster; worked with the business units of the Attorney General and the former Ministry of Public Safety and Security within the Ontario Government. Managerial responsibilities included taking Electronic Service Delivery projects from inception to project commencement, spanning opportunity identification and management, planning, resource composition, macro design, building of prototypes, architecture, and business case development. Specific projects included the justice portal, the victims’ portal, Private Investigator and Security Guards business analysis, Emergency Measures business process re-engineering, e-Learning, and opportunity management. The formal process used to manage these initiatives was iterative and inclusive of both industry expertise and internal leadership.
  • Specific duties included strategic positioning, consensus-building, portfolio management, business architecture, high-level technical architecture, facilitation, requirement gathering, business proposal team creation and development, reporting to senior managers, contract negotiations with third party suppliers, costing, customer relationship management, awareness building and input to strategic planning.

Feb 2000 - Sept 2001                                                                                                                     
Manager, Network Services, Greater Sudbury Telecommunications (Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

 June 1998 - Feb 2000                                                                                                                    
Manager, Networked Systems, Manitoulin Transport (Gore Bay, Ontario, Canada)

 Dec 1990 - June 1998                                                                                                                    
, Ontario Northland Systems, Ontario Northland Systems (North Bay, Ontario, Canada)

April 1988 - Dec 1990                                                                                                                   
Business Consultant, RJ Thompson Data Systems, (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)

 May 1986 - April 1988                                                                                                                  
Programmer / Analyst, Canada Packers, (Ontario, Canada)


Cambrian College

Information Technology


Canadian Armed Forces

Infantry Officer Phase I,II,III



Many technical courses


IBM Executive Leadership (New York)

Leading Change


Technical papers contributed

OODA Loop (Observe, Orient, Decide, Act) Cognitive decision making

Understanding Portals

Opportunity management

Aide memoire for First Nations Band administration

First Nations roadmap for eCommerce Portals

Journey to wellness (First Nations roadmap for eHealth)


References and detailed skills are available upon request



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